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The publisher la trame, a non-profit-making organisation, was set up in April 2001 by three women, Jacqueline Rossi, a historian, Anne Donck and Annick Blavier, both of whom are artists. Given the inflated number of books on the market, the organisation’s main activity is, and will remain focused on publishing limited-edition books and videos by artists, essays, posters and postcards, with the emphasis squarely on quality.

A new series was launched in March 2003 entitled Vis à vis (Face to Face). The juxtaposition of these three particular perceptions and fragmentary texts, together with the plurality of expression, of unpublished texts and older or published texts speak to us. This approach stems from the desire to avoid separation and “to open up plurality”, or as Maurice Blanchot put it, “non-unitary plurality”; with this approach as our objective, we invited French and Belgian philosophers, writers, artists and scientists to take part in the project.



The first of the new series is entitled “Frontière” and brings together texts by: the French philosophers, Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Derrida, the Belgian writers Caroline Lamarche, Corinne Hoex, Eddy Devolder, Marcel Moreau, and Gérard Mace from France, the French political commentator Catherine de Wenden, French botanist Francis Halle, the French biologist Dominique Thierry, the Belgian artists Annick Blavier, Patrick Corillon, Mark Luyten, Bob Verschueren, the libanese artist, Mona Hatoum, Maria Flores, the english artist David Tremlett, the Belgian film maker Boris Lehman, the French actor Jacques Bonnaffé.
Frontier is concerned with AND:  “AND, which is neither one nor the other’, falls between the two; it is the frontier, a line between advance or retreat, but which is all but imperceptible. And yet, it is at this line of retreat that things happen, where the act of becoming takes place …” (Gilles Deleuze).

The book led to an exhibition in Brussels held by the artists at the De Markten Gallery in December 2003 and January 2004, and was supported by the Ministries of the French and Flemish Communities of Belgium

After “Frontier” in the “Face to Face” series came a book on time, introduced by a quotation from Jean-Luc Godard: ‘… as a result, I can but be only an enemy of our time since its task is precisely aimed at the abolition of  time…’ “The Transformation of the Baker”, a published text by Giles Deleuze is followed by an anonymous text and a variety of unpublished texts by: writers Hélène Cixous and Guy Goffette from France, Jean-Claude Pirotte from Belgium, French choreographer and essayist Daniel Dobbels, French actor Laurent Terzieff, French physicist Jean Matricon, French historian Maïte Bouyssy, from France, photographic contributions by the Belgian photographers Felten-Massinger, Dirk Braeckman and French photographer Eric Aupol, Belgian artists, Annick Blavier, Daniel Locus, and Bernard Villiers.


le temps

Presentation in Lille (Fr) of the two published books.

In October 2004, in the framework of The Fury of Reading,” la trame” organised In Résonance, at the Mercelis Theatre, where writers and artists from Lille presented their work in the form of readings and videos.

In January 2005,” la trame” expressed its wish to add to the Face to Face series by publishing a book on political, ethical, professional or amorous commitment by bringing together contributions from the following: French philosophers Giles Deleuze and Bernard Stiegler, unpublished work from French writers Judith Brouste, Gaelle Obiegly, Emmanuell Pireyre, and from Belgian writers Jean-Marie Piemme and Raoul Vaneigem, French agronomist Catherine Guibourg; French art historian Paul Ardenne, French mathematician, Gerald Tenenbaum; Belgian archeologist Laurent Tholbecq, film makers Ulrike Knorr and Hannes Schüpbach from Germany and Swiss respectively, Belgian artists Luc Claus and Felix Hannaert, French artist Robert Filliou, Swiss artists Laurent-Dominique Fontana and Helene Upjohn; artist Milagros del la Torre, Belgian photographers Christian Carez and Gilbert Fastenaekens.
This book was presented in Brussels at the Passa Porta bookshop, and included an exhibition of ink-jet prints by the artists of the book, readings by and a discussion amongst some of the contributors.




L'histoire, y en a pas


La visite est terminée

In 2006 : La visite est terminée. It is concerned with feminine sexuality with seen as a force of inexhaustible inspiration for the imagination. As Alexandra Makowiak says: ”The problem is to find reliable statements on feminine sexuality when it is well known that the literature, the representations (the photographs and paintings), which tell this story are mainly those of men (which explains the impression, for example, of omnipresent saphism).”

Nineteen women from Europe and other continents drawn from writers, historians, doctors, film makers and artists, and four man, will be contributing.

The book is not presenting a homogenous vision, but one of plurality, where we try to work from the lines of retreat.
Two pages (32/24cm) are at the disposal of each contributor and can be used as the contributor wishes.  It is preferable that any contribution is unpublished work.


La puissance de l'inertie


Veuillez ne pas quitter


The publication

Non, pas ce soir is a quarterly magazine born in 2010, in diary form, that aims to open our eyes to some overlooked aspects of a contemporary world dominated, for lack of an audience, by uniformity.

#0 - February 2010

Through the pages of our magazine we want to attract the reader's attention to the plural nature of society. We wish to explore the way society acts as a mirror to artistic creation, taking the time for new thoughts and ideas to emerge, based on observation and personal discovery, rather than more global, ready-made definitions.

The hallmark of our approach is its openness, as well as its expression of the world. Every participant in this initiative is, after all, a constitutive element of the fabric of society, and our desire to assemble a diverse range of profiles seemed to resonate among us like a harmonious echo.

This project, then, does not have to be unwieldy. It often takes very little to get the imagination working - just a few words, or an image.

As Gilles Deleuze put it, let us give birth to "new time-spaces, even if they are just surfaces and scale models".

This singular approach encourages a new dialogue between men and women, one that is out of phase with the daily taking and readjusting of measurements, and one that is understood in its simple quest for life together. Stereotypes may emerge, but they will be dismantled, spread out and reassembled, through the filter of writers, philosophers, artists, scientists and other citizens, of all generations.

In concrete terms, Non, pas ce soir is a quarterly publication created by two women, Annick Blavier, artist/publisher and Florence Marchal, architect/designer and a man, Arnaud Matagne, an art historian.

As our credo is 'interrogation', we wanted to address different generations, aiming for a certain degree of cultural and artistic democratisation, while maintaining standards of quality.

"It is not the world that reveals the question, but the question that reveals the world." (Nahman de Braslav)

Temporarily leaving behind the world of books, in the strict sense, for this project, we deliberately chose to publish a magazine that will be sold in bookshops, certain newsagents and other, more unusual places. This will enable us to reach a wider public. More specifically, we will be tackling issues from a diverse range of cultures and societies, mainly focusing on women in Europe. These subjects will then be developed with established correspondents in different cities, such as Paris, Berlin, and Milan. We will also be sensitive to the North-South dimension, whether locally, nationally or internationally. This is why we are working hard on the transversality of our editorial approach. Some issues may focus on specific themes. To be continued...

Annick Blavier & Arnaud Matagne

#4 - February 2011

#3 - November 2010

#2 - August 2010

#1 - May 2010